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Application Download

       The virtual classroom transcends the boundaries of location, time and space providing a flexible learning environment for all.

        Schools, Universities and corporate organizations benefit from Virtual classrooms because it provides an excellent way for experts to teach a geographically dispersed group of students without hassle.

        In a cyber practicum, however, the teachers can meet a variety of students - whoever signed up from anywhere around the world.

        Each student has his or her own account, and the teacher can develop lessons targeting each student's needs.

        The cyber practicum supervisors review the lessons and the teachers revise them to address their suggestions.

       Being a premier institute, we have lectures by several senior professors and subject experts from all Indian Institute of Technologies.

       Providing access to all archived lectures was proving to be a challenge and so we were looking for an E-learning solution that would provide benefits beyond the classroom environment.

        The archived classroom sessions are presented to the students via the Video Portal, a Web-based component of the Digital Media System that allows students to quickly browse, search and view digital media interactively.

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